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    Secure IT, Automate IT, Deploy IT.
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    Creative Solutions
    CyberWorx is dedicated to improving your business IT needs.

Our Services

CyberWorx is a small business of technologists who are passionate about design of cloud computing and enterprise information technology solutions for our customers. Our mission is to deliver the most cost effective and functionally efficient solutions to address our customers’ most challenging problems.

Cyber Security

In December 2013 Target experienced a data breach of nearly 40 million customer records. In Congressional testimony, financial impact estimates by industry expert Julie Conroy range from $1.4 to $2.2 billion totaling more than …

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Big Data and Analytics

Whether it is understanding existing phenomenon at a higher level of fidelity or identifying an emerging trend, every business can gain value from deeper insight into their data. The key to unlocking the rich potential of your data requires …

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Cloud Computing

Over the past decade cloud computing technologies have matured and expanded rapidly throughout the industry. Cloud computing has achieved a demonstrable cost benefit to organizations based upon the reduction of computing costs achieved through …

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Automate Build and Deploy

Are you still wondering if you change a piece of code within your infrastructure what will happen? What if you want to deploy a new piece of hardware, how will you configure it? Would it be nice if you had an adversary you can see what he or she changed, and quickly protect against it? If you think yes to any one of these, then we have to tools and knowledge to put your IT department ahead of the game.

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About Us

CyberWorx, LLC is a dedicated group of IT Professionals who not only want to take your business to the next level, but also ensure we leave a profound legacy within our community.

  • World Class System Architectures
  • One of a kind auto deployment technology
  • Proven Cloud and Big Data (Hadoop) implementers
  • We can offer you the best secure IT solutions

Who we are?

CyberWorx, LLC is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB). We pride ourselves with our proven track record on deploying complex IT solutions in a secure and fast manner.

Our company does not back down from any problem, small or big. We can find a solution that will fit your needs.

What we do?

At CyberWorx, we pride ourselves in developing with cutting edge technologies to securely deploy and maintain any IT infrastructure. With years of experience, we can quickly take any infrastructure to the cloud, hybrid approach, or on-premises.

Why we do this?

Here at CyberWorx, we want to leave behind a secure IT backbone for not only our customers but for our country as well.

We strive to better ourselves every day. We want to take on tough Cyber Security problems. We want to protect our country interest within Cyber Space.

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If you have any questions about our service offerings or would like to schedule a meeting with CyberWorx, please contact us.


Interested in working with a progressive small business to deliver world class technology consulting service in any domestic or international market? If you have complementary service offerings and would like to explore potential teaming opportunities with CyberWorx, please contact us.

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